Peloton At-Home Workout Classes

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I thought long and hard on how I would like to start this “lifestyle” category for my side of the blog and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to begin with something that makes me feel good and something that I try to incorporate in my everyday life. It just so happens that working out meets both of those points, and my recent obsession has been Peloton on-demand! Full disclosure, I am not a personal trainer or fitness guru by any means. I just enjoy a good sweat, especially after a long day of work. There is just something about crushing a workout after a stressful day!

Prior to COVID, I would attend Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) twice a week, mix in a Peloton ride at least once a week, run, and would throw in a weight training workout in between. If I got lucky, Joey’s schedule would sync up with mine and we would work out together. As a side note, he was a Division 1 athlete and played baseball most of his life, so working out with him was always tough but I knew I was learning a lot and was constantly challenged! 

But then COVID happened and attending Coach Ron’s 90-minute OTF Saturday classes was no longer an option nor was going to our apartment gym to lift weights or ride the Peloton bike. We decided that being in the city during a pandemic was not ideal, so Joey and I (plus our cat, Nala) packed up a few bags and drove down to Florida to be with family. We are fortunate enough to have jobs that have full-remote capabilities and having a family beach house in St. Pete Beach to bunker down in was not so bad either.  

During our time here in Florida, I was desperately missing my OTF family back in DC and really wanted to do a fitness class while quarantining in Florida. I came across an email from Peloton advertising their on-demand workout classes and immediately became obsessed. You can take their classes live or browse different categories on-demand. They have everything from strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, outdoor running, stretching, and more! The class lengths range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and can be filtered by genre of music, difficulty level (making it easy for anyone at any level), instructor, and more. No weights? No problem! They also offer body weight classes which can honestly be even harder! When we first came down to Florida, we did not have any weights and finding weights online or in a store was nearly impossible! Especially when all the gyms closed, and everyone decided to build an at-home gym. However, we were lucky enough to have found a few dumbbells and can now incorporate Peloton classes that require weights. 

No matter how busy my day may be, I schedule time for myself and try to do something active for the day! When I do not feel like running outside in the summer Florida heat, I will do a Peloton strength class right in the living room using our Amazon Fire Stick, even if it is just for 20 minutes! If the weather is nice out and the temperature is bearable, I will use my Peloton app on my phone and do an outdoor run class on the beach. If I am feeling extra energetic, I will end my run with one of Olivia’s ten-minute core classes. Her classes are killer, but you will feel so proud of yourself after taking one of them! On days where I am feeling sore or just too tired to do something intense, I’ll just take one of the yoga classes. After a long day of sitting at my desk working, I like to do a stretching class before any cardio or workout class just to get my body moving and warmed up. The instructors for Peloton make it a point to connect to the viewers by offering words of encouragement and motivating you to want to push yourself even harder.

Anyways, I figured I would share my obsession for Peloton at-home workouts in case this is something that you would like to try! The app is very user friendly and can be downloaded on any streaming device (phone, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.). Peloton is now offering free 30-days to try their classes which is a great incentive if you are on the fence and do not want to commit before trying. 

Overall, it is important to schedule time FOR YOU! Make it a habit and commit to something active every day, even if it is just a 10-minute class. As my grandmother would say, “health is the first wealth” so make YOU a priority and be the best version of YOU!

To sign-up for a free 30-day trial you can click this link here:

*Disclosure: Pictures shown here were taken at my mom’s house. She luckily has a Peloton bike, so whenever I need my Peloton ride fix, I drive over to her house for a workout. (: 

**Outfit shown in pictures is from Fabletics (another obsession of mine)! Stay tuned for my blog on Fabletics and why I love them!

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