Home Organization: Fridge Edition

Hi there!

Since the year 2020 is already as hectic as can be, why not simplify your life by organizing your home where you are probably spending so much extra time these days? After binge watching the show “The Home Edit” on Netflix (if you have not watched it yet, do yourself a favor and do so!), I have been inspired to tackle some home organization projects and decided to start with the one place that is at the center of the action in my home – my refrigerator. I originally thought this project would take forever to do, but was pleasantly surprised that it only took me about 45 minutes!

Here are my recommended steps and tips for this project:

  1. Order containers that best suit the size and contents of your refrigerator. I’ve included links below to the ones that I ordered from Amazon.
  2. Once you are ready to begin this project, it’s worth washing the containers, especially since you’ll be storing food in them.
  3. While the containers are drying, take this time to go through your refrigerator. Start by tossing anything that has expired (pay close attention to your salad dressings and condiments – you’d be surprised!), then remove all items and place them on your kitchen countertops, grouping them by category.
  4. Now that your refrigerator is empty, wipe down all shelves and drawers. An organized fridge is nice, but a CLEAN organized fridge is even better!
  5. Fill the containers based on the categorized items that survived the refrigerator purge. For my refrigerator, I put all snacking vegetables in one container, large fruits like apples and lemons in another container, all of my berries within the smaller containers, and items like shredded cheese, hummus, and salsa in another big container. Not only does it make it easy to find items now that they are categorized in their own place, but it makes the refrigerator look so nice!
  6. Place the filled containers into your refrigerator, keeping in mind accessibility – I find that if I have my perishable items, like fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks easily accessible, they are actually eaten and don’t get forgotten about and go to waste!
  7. Once all organized, step back, look at your newly organized masterpiece, and pat yourself on the back! 🙂

Select any picture below to purchase any of the products I used for this project:

I hope you enjoy this organizing project as much as I did! Stay tuned for my Home Organization: Spice Cabinet Edition coming to the blog soon!

Yours truly,