Home Organization: Spices Edition

And the “Home Organization” series continues! If you have no idea what I am talking about, then check out my previous blog post within my Home category called “Home Organization: Fridge Edition.” For this series, we are still in the kitchen but have upgraded to probably my most-used cabinet, the spices! As an avid cook, I love using spices and have gained quite the collection. Considering that I live in the city, cabinet space can be pretty limited, and I was starting to think that my spice cabinet was going to explode any time I opened it! Using the products found on Amazon (and a few tips shared below), I was able to upgrade my spice cabinet from a ticking-time bomb to an aesthetically pleasing, systematic, and easily accessible space!  

Here are my recommended steps and tips for this project:

  1. Assess your current spice inventory and try to gage how many jars you believe you will need. At first, I thought I needed a ton, but then I realized I had 4 garlic salts, all half-used, so be on the lookout for duplicate spices!
  2. Order a spice jar set that best suits your inventory. I’ve shared the sets that I purchased that I thought worked well for this project (see quick links below). The sets that I purchased also came with labels, however, I am picky and was not too crazy about the font, so I ordered my own labels (also linked below)!
  3. Once you receive the jars, run them through the dishwasher to make sure they are clean! To be honest, when I received my jars they had a little “factory dust” in them so I placed them in the dishwasher and made sure to set the dishwasher to heat dry.
  4. While the jars are in the dishwasher, remove all existing spice jars, place them on your counter, and categorize as needed. For me, this is when I took the time to check expiration dates and group any duplicate spices I had.
  5. Once the new jars are cleaned and dried, using one spice at a time, fill the jar containers. Luckily, the jar set that I purchased came with a funnel that helped me fill the jars. I would also recommend once you are done filling a jar, to search for the appropriate label and place accordingly. This will just help with any confusion on what is in which jar before you get too far into the process!
  6. Once the jars are filled and labeled, begin displaying them in whatever fashion that best suits you and your cooking needs! For my cabinet, I purchased a white wired staircase shelf (linked below). This shelf allows me to neatly display my spices and makes it super easy to see my inventory. When deciding how to display your spices, I would also keep in mind accessibility. For example, I frequently use garlic salt when cooking and love to jazz up my morning coffee with cinnamon, so I keep those up front and center.
  7. Once all organized, step back, look at your newly organized masterpiece, and pat yourself on the back because YOU did that!

Select any picture below to purchase any of the products I used for this project:

I hope you enjoy this organizing project as much as I did! Stay tuned for more home organization projects coming to the blog!

Yours truly,