A Deep Dive Into My Simple Skincare Routine

In all honesty, skincare within the beauty industry is almost impossible to keep up with. Just when you think you’ve solidified a proper skincare routine, the industry adds yet another product to the mix. As consumers, we are constantly inundated with ads, commercials, videos and posters influencing us to purchase products with ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Something I learned at the beginning of my Accutane journey is skincare does not have to be complicated to be effective! We often get lost in pretty packaging and celebrities and/or social media influencers promoting certain products that we forget to do our own research. Knowledge is power!

Prior to starting Accutane, I had scheduled visits with at least five dermatologists in my area and seen a handful of estheticians. Rather than trying to understand what was causing the breakouts, they treated me like every other patient who walked into their practice with acne issues. Everyone’s skin is different and I wanted someone to not only understand that but to help guide me in making better decisions. I started to take time in educating myself on my skin type and what my skin needed. Towards the end of my journey with Accutane, I was scrolling through social media when I saw a celebrity makeup artist boast about her esthetician. Not only was this beauty influencer claiming her esthetician was the best but I later found out she was located only five minutes from my house. I immediately booked an appointment with Tara from Skin Deep Aesthetic Studio. During my first appointment, she informed me this would not be a “spa” experience. She was going to give me the tools needed to fix my skin and it was up to me to do it which was exactly what I was looking for. She taught me how to properly research products and their ingredients to know if they were safe for acneic prone skin, sensitive skin and where each ingredient lies on the safety scale. Now, I always research my products by going to cosdna.com and all I have to do is type in the product name. Part of my routine is receiving a facial from her every six weeks. If you’re looking for a new esthetician in the Tampa area, she truly is the best!

Through the years, I have come to be a big believer in the saying “less is more.” I believe in a simple skincare routine with three to four steps, morning and night, this way I am likely to stick to it and will see results. Remember, it can take six to eight weeks before you start seeing results from a product. 


I am not a dermatologist or esthetician but this has been working for me. My morning skincare routine consists of a gentle cleanser along with my cleansing device. I use the LumiSpa Essential device from Nu Skin which has dramatically improved my skin’s texture. It also helps give me that radiant “lit from within” glow. The device comes with a gentle cleanser depending on your skin type. I use the sensitive head for the LumiSpa and sensitive cleanser. I then follow up with a few serums, moisturizer and of course my sunscreen. I do not currently use an active Vitamin C serum since I am still in the recovery phase from Accutane. Once it is safe to do so, I will implement this into my routine.

  1. Q10 Serum (The INKEY List)
  2. Caffeine Eye Cream (The INKEY List)
  3. Niacinamide Serum (The INKEY List)
  4. IS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion 
  5. Sunscreen


I always double cleanse at night but my skin does not like cleansing balms or makeup remover wipes so instead I use Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 prior to my LumiSpa. It takes off makeup while hydrating the skin. It’s important to note that I also use Tretinoin 2-3 times weekly. Tretinoin is a prescription topical Retinoid. Once it is safe to do so, I will replace the Tretinoin for a Retinol.

  1. Bioderma 
  2. LumiSpa with Cleanser
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (The INKEY List) 
  4. Brighten-i Eye Cream (The INKEY List)
  5. IS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion 
    • A moisturizer that smooths, rehydrates and plumps skin.
  6. Rosehip Oil (The INKEY List)

As you can see, I use a lot of products from The INKEY List. I love this line because they provide education on each product and quality ingredients that deliver results. As a bonus, all products are under $15! Since I am still in the recovery process from Accutane, I wanted to try new products without spending a ton of money to understand what my skin likes and dislikes. If you are someone who is looking to start building a skincare routine then The INKEY List is for you. You can head to their website at https://www.theinkeylist.com and speak with someone from the brand to help build a routine or build your own based on your skin concerns. 

I know this was a long one to get through but I hope it was beneficial to read about my skincare struggles and what I am currently doing to keep my skin smooth, radiant and clear and my routine simple. I’m just trying to age like fine wine and not like spoiled milk!