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If you read my Peloton At-Home Workout Classes blog, then already know about my love for Orangetheory. During the peak of COVID, Orangetheory studios were closed which resulted to me using Peloton on-demand workout classes. But now, with COVID safety measures put in place, Orangetheory studios are open and this girl has never been happier!

To start, I should preface that Orangetheory is not for everyone and I am not one to “push” the idea on anyone who is not interested. The purpose of this blog is to simply tell you about Orangetheory and why I love it!

I joined Orangetheory in January 2018 and have been a member ever since! Now, I would say that I am a person that loves to do cardio. I know some people cringe at the idea of cardio, but cardio has always been my “outlet”. So naturally when I see a workout class that incorporates not just weights but cardio, I had to join.

For those of you who do not know, Orangetheory (OTF) is a 60-minute group fitness class that incorporates a water rower, treadmill, and weights (also called floor) block. Block is an OTF term used for “session” or “section”. As I am typing this, I am realizing that OTF has a lot of their own words/terms so I will do my best to describe each one as I go along. Each block varies in time spent according to the type of class and the size of the group. Some classes have just two groups (which is called 2g) and some have three groups (or 3g). If the class is a 2g class, then you should expect to spend half of the class on the treadmill and the other half split between the floor and the rower. If the class is 3g, then that means that there is a group on the rower, treadmill, and on the floor.  I know that I stated that the class is usually 60-minute, but they also have 90-minute classes (typically offered on Saturdays and are a lot of fun)! Probably the best part about OTF is that there is a coach instructing the class with an entire workout already planned and is pushing you along to make sure you are working out at your fullest potential. I absolutely love the fact that after a long day of thinking at work/home, I can come to the studio and not worry about what kind of workout I should do considering it is already planned out for me.

Another pretty important item worth mentioning is splat points. Splat points are points that you accumulate throughout the workout that are earned for every minute you are in a challenging zone which is calculated by your heart rate. The challenging zone is referred to as the “Orange Zone” and is based on your heart rate which is measured by the heart rate monitor that you wear during your workout.

Below is an explanation of the different heart rate zones from the Orangetheory website:

So, for every minute that you spend in the orange (or red) zone, you will receive a splat point. This brings out the competitive nature within myself to make sure I get at least 12 points within every class to make sure I am getting the most out of my workout.

Since joining Orangetheory, I would say that my running pace has increased tremendously, my flexibility has improved, and my overall workout performance (both weights and body weight exercises) have improved drastically. As I said earlier, there are coaches there that are making sure that your form is correct and that you are pushing yourself. Then on top of all of that, the studios blast some absolute FIRE playlist the help you get in the zone!

Overall, I love OTF and see myself being a member for many more years to come! If you are looking for a full body intensity group setting workout where you are guaranteed to get a great workout in every time you walk in the door, then I would suggest giving OTF a shot! They are currently offering one month free which is an incredible deal. If you do join, OTF has a very user-friendly app that keeps track of your progress, allows you to book your classes at any studio within the nation, list at-home workouts, and shares tips and tricks for all the OTF community. I did not remotely cover everything about OTF but feel free to leave any questions you may have for me below within the comments. I will also leave a free quick links below of some resources:

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