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If you read my Peloton At-Home Workout Classes blog, then you already know that I (along with my husband, Joey and our cat, Nala), packed a few bags and drove down from DC to Florida at the beginning of the COVID Pandemic to be near family and have been here since, but we are hoping to return to the city soon! One of the most important things I brought with me for my stay here in Florida was my diffuser and essential oils, as they are very “essential” in our home (wherever home may be these days!)

I have always been a fan of essential oils and use them every day. In our DC apartment, I have a diffuser in just about every room (compulsive, I know). I love to have a clean home that smells good and have made it a mission of mine to try and be chemical-free in our home. Joey thinks I can get a little carried away with my use of essential oils, but he still supports my love for them! 

I started my essential oil journey with Young Living which offers a wide variety of excellent quality oils. In my opinion, the only downside to Young Living is that their oils can be a bit pricey. One day, I happened to stumble upon the brand, Edens Garden, and after doing some quick browsing, figured I would give it a try!  When shopping for essential oils, I look to make sure they are100% pure with no synthetics, fragrances, fillers, or toxins, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of diffusing/using oils in replacement of chemicals. Edens Garden essentials oils are free of all of those things, while still being affordable! They are voted #1 Non-MLM Essential Oil Company and all oils are proven to be 100% pure essential oils that are ethically and sustainably sourced. They have over 250 single oils and synergy blends (which are multiple oils blended to offer several benefits). I have yet to be disappointed with an oil that I have tried from them!

Their website is quite easy to navigate and if you create your own (free!) account, you can use their wish-list tool to make a list of oils that you are interested in trying and may want to purchase down the road. Another great feature that Edens Garden offers is that they include the ingredients, the purpose of the oil, how it was extracted, the part of the plant that produced the oil (if plant-based), tips on where to diffuse and/or where to apply topically, and what the oil blends well with…ALL ON THE BOTTLE! No need to pull out your essential oil guidebook or Google each oil since all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

I have a few favorites that I will share, but to be honest, you cannot go wrong with any of the oils. 

Blends by Edens Garden:

My current favorite “house blend” is called Beach House. I love it so much that I bought a bottle for my mom and mother-in-law and they are diffusing it constantly. The coconut and Hawaiian sandalwood brings such a relaxing vibe to your home – I highly recommend it! 

My current favorite “health blend” is called Fighting Five. This blend has all the goods you need to promote a healthy immune system, including lemon, cinnamon cloves, eucalyptus, and more. This blend is known to help with congestion and helps to relieve respiratory troubles. For topical use, I would recommend 2-3 drops mixed with your choice of dilution (for example, coconut oil or clean unscented lotion of your choosing). 

Single Oils by Edens Garden:

I love to diffuse lemon or basil oil, especially in the kitchen while I am cooking! It just gives such a fresh aroma and cleanses the air. 

Peppermint is a must for me as I tend to carry this one with me the most! Peppermint has been my saving grace to cure any headache. I place a drop on my fingertip and apply it to the back of each ear. Peppermint oil also helped me get through my long Metro rides to work back when I worked in Bethesda, MD. I tend to get a bit motion sickness on the train, but after smelling peppermint oil, I was always good to go! 

Key Lime is another great one as it offers such a vibrant smell that it is bound to bring a cheery and refreshing atmosphere to your home. 

The last single oil that I’ll share with you (for now!) is the Moroccan Rosemary. This oil is often used in perfumes and has such a divine smell. I personally love to mix a few drops in my lotion before applying at the start of my day!

If you are looking for guidance on what type of diffuser to use for your oils, my advice is to check out Amazon! Edens Garden has some beautiful diffuser as well, but you can get yours anywhere. For safety purposes, I would make sure that the diffuser has a feature in which it shuts off either after no more water/oil is in the machine or after a certain time period. This seems to be standard on most diffusers, but I would just be sure to check.

I could go on talking about oils but will leave this here for now! There is so much to explore in the essential oil world, and I cannot wait to try more products for Edens Garden and share with you all my thoughts and tips!

* The diffuser I have pictured is from Amazon and I will include the link below! 

** My essential oil stand pictured is actually a bathroom organizer from Target that I bought a month or two ago. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the Target website, but I linked a comparable one below. 

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